Family Problem Solution Baba Ji

Family Problem Solution Baba Ji

Vedic astrology is very effective science to predict human being’s destiny. It plays a vital role to study and understand human fortune and its problem and provides most effectual remedial solutions. Vedic astrology was primarily based on constellation ( Nakshatra ) system of prediction but eventually adapted to house system also. House system consists of 12 Bhavas or houses that explain each and every aspects of your life. Each house has given a specific number from one to twelve and has its own ruling planet and zodiac sign. They represent your physical appearance, your life feelings, experiences, outlook, emotions, devotions, skills, characteristics and traits.

Importance of houses

  1. First House – First house is ruled by Aries. It describes about your appearance, qualities and nature. It is most imperative house that shows your overall personality, nobility, honor, dignity, aggression, enthusiasm and egotism.
  2. Second House – This house is ruled by Taurus. It is very important to analyze wealth, property, assets, prosperity, material goods, earning and success of human being.
  3. Third House – This house is ruled by Gemini. This is also called the house of communications. It is very significant house in horoscope to analyze your mental ability, to know about your education, study and childhood background. It also reveals your writings, you and your sibling’s compatibility and best auspicious moment for you to start short journey.
  4. Fourth House – The fourth house is ruled by Cancer. Fourth Bhava is associated with home and family and represents your domestic relationship, condition and background, your affinity with parents & family, interpret your mother and father and also describe feeling, luxury, property, pleasure.
  5. Fifth House – This house is ruled by Leo. This Bhavas is associated with Children, intellect, wisdom, learning, emotion, religion and spirituality. It also shows your artistic talent, hobbies, sports and other competitive activity.

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